As an artist, I’m constantly working on new projects and things! Here’s a big ol’ list of that kind of stuff, from current projects and comics to completed works! Check ’em out, if you’re so inclined!

Current Projects

steamedveggies_headerSteamed Veggies is a weekly-updating slice-of-life comic strip, about me and my friends or something. There are silly mostly-true stories, introspective thoughts, and video game things sometimes. Mostly in greyscale, sometimes in color if I’m feeling like switching it up! Anything goes with Steamed Veggies! Stories and gags are mostly self-contained to one or two strips, versus a long-running storyline. Click here to read it!


Fetch Quest is an interactive-fiction piece about two adventurers–Hyacinth, a misanthropic ranger halfling, and Thorn, a bumbling wizard elf–on a quest to locate a lost magical heirloom. Set in a traditional D&D fantasy-esque setting, the story follows the unlikely pair on their journey, leaving a changed world in their wake. Being run on an image board, readers can suggest actions and directly influence the story! Click here to read it! (Warning for crude language!)

Completed Projects

papercranes_headerPaper Cranes is an interactive visual novel that follows the story of Hase, a young, troubled rabbit girl, as she attempts to escape from the Cells, a metaphysical prison crafted from her own insecurities and anxieties. Along the way, with the help of an empathetic guard–the aggressively protective Katz–she must face scenarios that echo the troubles that have tied her down to the Cells in order to come to terms with her own identity and embrace her own strength.

Paper Cranes is currently available for download on Gumroad, for pay-what-you-want (including free!). Since Paper Cranes was built with RPG Maker VX Ace, the file from Gumroad is a self-extracting .exe that contains all of the files for the game to run, including RPG Maker’s runtime engine. Visit the site or download the game!

Aetas is an eight-page comic about what we leave behind when we die. Read it here!