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(I typically try to write a “year in review” sort-of post every year I’ve kept a long-form blog, but since a lot of stuff happened this year, I’ve decided to split it into multiple ramblings. Enjoy.)

2016. Hooooofa doofa.

After I wrote my big ol’ MBMBaM post, I kind of lost steam on my 2016 reflections. I mainly hadn’t realized how much of this year and the good things that happened in it were as a result of the things I did and the opportunities I got because of everything surrounding that podcast and community. Well, I mean, I did those things, credit to the tools and all but more credit to the carpenter, I guess. But after all that outpouring of love, fatigue hit me like a sack of bricks.

It’s been difficult the last few weeks trying to remind myself that there was good that came out of this year, especially with all the loss we’ve been bombarded with in the last few days alone. But I’ll try my best:

I held three separate jobs throughout this year, and am currently in one I actually really like. The people I work with care about me; I feel like part of a team, for once.

In March I sat on a tiny bridge in the middle of a resort in Orlando, in darkness, listening to a cover of Wish You Were Here and decided to make my next big comic project. And I finished it. When someone bought a copy of it from me at Matsuricon in August, they asked me to sign it. I almost cried. (In addition: I did my first three-day con! And didn’t die! Which would have been impossible without Alex there to help me and find ginger ale for me when I was a shambling husk of a human at one point.)

I used to be terrified of driving: this year alone I road-tripped with my best friends in the world to both Indiana and West Virginia. I found solace in the peaceful drives back from Alex’s apartment, listening to a podcast, one of the few cars on the turnpike.

My music taste broadened, and new songs became my anthems, my shields. This seems silly to list, but there’s nothing more blissful than hopping into my car after a crummy day of work and hearing those first few chords of Run Away With Me wash over me.

I mean, heck, even the last month along was bizarre and surreal! I did a design commission for one of my favorite podcasts! There aren’t words to describe how honored I feel to do that, to help contribute to something that has helped me make decisions in my life that have lead to me being happier and healthier.

I made new friends, who have–in such a short span of time–changed my life. I’ve become more confident. I’ve become stronger.

There was a moment, the morning of November 9th, where I was absolutely devastated. I almost couldn’t drag myself out of bed. The fear of what the future might bring was a weight on my chest that was crushing me more than ever.

That weight and fear is still there. But I’m ready to fight. I’m the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve, and that’s who I am, and I’m not letting hateful people change that.

So get ready, 2017. I’m not holding back.

(Also hey, I made a short end-of-the-year playlist, if that’s a thing you’re into. It’s stereotypically me. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.)

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